Software Projects

  • Aww for Reddit
    • Android app (SDK 24) that uses a web scraper to gather images including gifs from cute or animal-focused subreddits to display in a child-friendly UI. Notable tools and libraries: Jsoup for web scraping, Glide for image processing. Currently refactoring and finishing UI, plan to release on Google Play Store once UI tweaks are done.
  • Reticulum Employee Recognition
    • Team project using Node, Handlebars, Bootstrap, MySQL
  • CS496 Notemaking API with OAuth 2.0
    • Webapp, Python, YAML, ndb, Google App Engine
    • RESTful API with user authentication via Google Plus OAuth2
  • CoDeVilles Ranking System –
    • On a team of three student developers, I worked on a java based application to rank user preferences on random pairings of test items. Tools and languages included java, java’s jdbc class, sql, DAO design pattern, and IntelliJ IDEA.
  • CapstoneDB –
    • As a junior developer and English instructor at a private English school in Portland, OR, I designed and implemented a web-based student management system used by school administrators and teachers. Tools and languages included php, sql, html/css. (Note: source code for CapstoneDB belongs to me per agreement with owner of English school after it ceased operations due to low student enrollment)
  • BLS API How To –
    • Javascript tutorial for using the Bureau of Labor Statistics API, including registering for api key, sending requests, and parsing JSON responses.