About Jon Hutter



Hi all, I’m a linguist turned software developer. This blog contains my thoughts and adventures in computer science and software development. Here’s more about me:

My background

My background is in linguistics and language education. I’ve worked on several corpus linguistics research projects, including my thesis and the Civil Engineering Writing Project. I enjoyed teaching and tutoring English as a second language at the post-secondary level in my first career. Since then I’ve been drawn in a more technical direction, so I started taking computer science classes and am now pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in computer science (June 2017).

My interests

I’m  interested in the intersection of linguistics and computer science: corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, and natural language processing.  I’m also involved with back-end web development (server-side database interaction) and application development.


Thanks for reading! To contact me or learn more about my professional background, go to my LinkedIn profile.